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Couple Shoots


More and more loved-up pairs are choosing to have a couples shoot, whether it’s a pre wedding engagement shoot or just a selection of gorgeous photos of where you are in your life right now. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re engaged or not, you can still get those beautiful photos of you two together.

As a Northamptonshire wedding photographer I work with couples every week, wedding photography is an incredible experience but there’s a couple of things that it lacks, you’re usually stuck to a certain location (albeit usually stunning) and you’re limited by time. Every couple shoot at a wedding there’s a virtual clock ticking in the back of my mind, wanting the couple to get straight back to their day without rushing them. This is one of the main reasons why I love couple shoots, no strict time limit, no location commitments. Creative freedom doesn’t get much better than this.

Hold up, is this shoot for couples that are getting married? Nope, it’s for everyone!


Getting the Photoshoot Right

The Location

When choosing the location be creative but be true to what you love. Think of a space that means a lot to you both, the place you shared your first date, the fields that you love to take your dog for a walk through or a place that you both can’t wait to visit. The list is endless and it’s about getting it right for you. If you’re booking the shoot ahead of your wedding then think about ways that you can contrast your big day. If you’re getting married in a rustic barn in the winter then consider an urban setting in the summer. 

I’m always happy to provide some ideas that I personally love but the shoot is about your lives, a beautiful photograph can be taken anywhere, it’s the meaning not the backdrop that counts.

The Time

Set aside around 2 hours, this gives us plenty of time to relax and take a laid-back approach to your couples shoot. Sundays usually work best for both me and my clients but weekdays can work too.

What to Wear

I’m not about to tell you to make sure you wear something smart (especially if that isn’t your thing!) But there a few points that can make a difference. Make sure you don’t wear clothing with large logos and big graphical designs, this can be distracting in the images. Of course you can go down the complimentary colours route and wear shades designed to be pleasing on your eye but that’s a bit much for some and some couples are polar opposite (opposites attract and all that!) So wear something that is a good representation of you, if you wouldn’t wear it usually then don’t wear it for the shoot. I personally don’t have any preference on what you wear, turn up in an orange tux and bowler hat and we’ll still smash it


Will There be Loads of Posing?

Not really, no. I’ll give you some prompts here and there and I’ll help you look your best but I’m not gonna be shouting across a field to look deep into each others eyes whilst your dog chews your ankles (although thinking about it that would make a cool shot.)

Essentially I want you to be you, I have a great time on these shoots with the couples and the secret ingredient is keeping it natural.

What do we Get?

There’s usually in the region of 50 images, they’re hand edited and delivered to you within 3 weeks. You’ll be given an online gallery where you can view and download your (full resolution) images, in your gallery there’s loads of options for prints too.


The cost for the shoot is £300, this includes download permissions for the highest resolution of your photos. 

Can we bring our Dog?

Yes, please do! Your kids are welcome too, the session is limited to only your kids though.

What if we’re Rubbish in Front of Camera’s?

Then I’ll make you feel totally cool about it, don’t worry it’s pain free!