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Crockwell Farm

Man, I’d love to shoot your Crockwell Farm Wedding!

When you are shooting a venue, aside from the obvious photographic potential, there are a few things that make things a little easier and a little bit more pleasant for your couple. This is where Crockwell Farm shines. Couples that I’ve shot here will already know how well run the business is, how efficient the team are and how much effort they put into your big day. As I’m raving on about Crockwell I feel I should state that I’m in no way connected to the venue. I just love the damn place and would shoot there weekly if I could!

It’s set on the outskirts of the sleepy Daventry district of Eydon, Northamptonshire. For all couples looking to book with Crockwell then you may need to think about using a map (like it’s 1992!) as Sat-Nav has a tendency to send you down a closed road (I’ve fell for this twice now, you’d have thought I’d learn?!) They’re surrounded by stunning views of rolling country side and the interior lives up to the surroundings. The barn is gorgeous, as a photographer it can be a bit of a squeeze at the end of the Aisle but I don’t really jump around at a ceremony anyway. There’s horses in the fields, views for miles and I get told all the time how much couples love the huge tree that has all the twinkly lights! As a bonus too, they always look after me there. Not that that should depict how you view a wedding venue but it does show they genuinely enjoy their jobs

Crockwell Farm – Real Weddings

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Wedding Photography at Crockwell Farm

Your almost spoilt for choice, the bridal prep is lovely as the room/rooms were the prep takes place, spacious enough even for if you’ve been peer pressured into choosing 7 of your super closest 2nd cousins. You’re also sure to be thankful of having a mini-appartment style room over a hotel style room as you’ll need the space and use of a kitchen and (Prosecco) fridge will come in very handy.

The main ceremony room has a gorgeous colour tone to it. Like most barns the colour of the brickwork and bare wood give you awesome results. The size of the ceremony from a photographers prospective is a bit of win and lose. There’s not a vast amount of space for myself (especially if accompanied by a videographer) but the space I do have is at a really good distance, so I can get those wide shots of the best man pretending he forgot the rings but I can also get those close up shots of your face when you can’t repeat a simple sentence.

For the group shots the lawn does provide a lovely bit of space and the backdrop is obviously gorgeous. There’s also plenty of space to move around a touch if you have a large number of guests, mixing the backdrop up a bit. But we all know how we feel about group shots, they’re like going to the dentist, nobody actually wants to go and if not done properly it can be excruciating painful.

The couple shots are probably one the best features of Crockwell Farm, there’s dozens of ‘straight forward’ places to for you to go and look all bloody gorgeous. When I say straight forward I mean that there’s no 15 minute walk, dress in hand, heels digging in. This doesn’t mean that there’s not chances to be creative, there’s plenty of them shenanigans to be had.