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Thank you, you\’re all done!

I can\’t wait to work with you!


Payment is due 14 days before your wedding day

The final balance can be paid by BACS, I have purposely not added the BACS info on here as couples quite often book well in advance so details may change. Please contact me whenever you\’d like to make a payment

You can pay in installations, whatever works best for you

Most of my photography is documentary so on your wedding day please try and ignore the camera. This something we\’ll definitely chat about so don\’t worry, it\’s all good!

Call or message me at any time, honestly whenever is fine. I may be at a wedding but I\’ll get back to you!

I never ask couples to provide me with food, it\’s usually included with the package you booked and if that\’s the case I\’ll gladly accept, however if they want to charge you a crazy amount for me to eat then please decline and I will sort my own lunch.

I leave group photo list up to the couple. If you want to write a detailed list of the groups then that\’s fine, if you want to decide on the day (not recommended for larger groups) then that\’s cool or if you want to ask what\’s the \’usual\’ then let me know.

I make lots of contacts within the industry, below is a list of people I recommend because I\’ve worked with them and they did a great job. If you\’re booking a service/supplier and are not too sure what you\’re looking for please feel free to give me a shout I may be able to give you a few pointers

Recommended Suppliers

Stuff People Won\’t Tell You

Did you know you can have a personalised snap chat filter for your wedding? Just go to Snapchat\’s website it works via location and date

Nobody will tell you to take your flowers out of their water 30 minutes before the wedding. It\’s not usually a problem for the bride as it won\’t really show on her dress but it will on the bridesmaids

Bring your own bluetooth speaker, the ones at the venue don\’t always work

If you have a new(ish) iPhone then don\’t forget that they don\’t have a headphone socket, so if you\’re planning on using your music in the ceremony/drinks reception bring the adapter

If your day is running behind schedule then we can use some of the time planned for the drinks reception/photos to bring your day back to schedule. I love shooting relaxed but if we need to get a move on with the group shots then I will get it done asap

No one brings confetti to a wedding anymore, maybe a few of the older relatives. If you want confetti at your wedding then you need to provide it

I love shooting couples under the stars, it makes for awesome photos. A lot of my couples really want these photos but I would say a good half of them don\’t want to drag themselves from their reception and that\’s totally fine. I\’ll ask you a few time through the evening and if it\’s not the right time then that\’s all good!

If you want sparklers at your wedding reception let me know and we can chat about the best way of doing it


Wedding Timeline

  • 12+ Months Before

    Set your Date

    So we start the wedding timeline; the all important date! Set a yearly reminder on your partners phone to ensure you get spoilt every anniversary!

  • 12+ Months Before

    Book Your Venue

    So by now you\’ve probably booked your venue, easily one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. It\’s also a great time to talk with your church is you\’re not having a civil ceremony. If not check out these real weddings for inspiration

  • 12+ Months Before

    Book Your Photographer

    We tend to book up pretty quickly, especially for those spring/summer months. The same applies to videography, the good ones book up quick! Check out how I work and my prices

  • 12 Months Before

    Send your \'Save the Dates\'

    Especially to those that may be travelling far

  • 8-12 Months Before

    Throw an Engagement Party (Optional)

    Engagement parties aren\’t for everyone, but it\’s a blooming good excuse for a knees up!

  • 10-12 Months before

    Book your Registrar

    It is possible to chose your registrar but you must ask, they won\’t offer. If you\’ve attended a wedding before and loved the registrar then it may be worth checking their availability

  • 10-12 Months Before

    Book your Honeymoon

    My only advice is to go with a budget that you won\’t bend, it\’s so tempting to overspend! But hey, it\’s your wedding timeline so you can go ahead and ignore that piece of advice and go crazy!

  • 10-12 Months before

    Book Entertainment

    So this is the part that is a bit of a minefield. It\’s also the part where your budget conscious side needs to come out. You name it, you can book it. From the obvious to the truly unique, there are suppliers that can help. This is where the wedding timeline gets complicated!

    Here\’s just a short list of entertainers I\’ve seen at weddings

    • Magicians
    • Mind Readers
    • Fire Acrobatics
    • Fireworks
    • Chimney Sweeps
    • DJs
    • Bands
    • Singing Waiters
    • Face Painters
    • Casinos
    • String Quartet
    • Tribute Acts
    • Games console stations
    • Caricatures
    • Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors
    • Bouncy Castles and Inflatables

    The list goes on…

  • 8-10 Months Before

    Book Venue Designers

    Skip this step if you\’re going to DIY but if you\’re leaving it to the professionals then now\’s the time to get your choices made

  • 8-10 Months Before

    Order THE Dress

    As a male I\’m not going to pretend I understand the love that a bride has for her wedding dress but I do know how important it is to the brides

  • 8-10 Months Before

    Book the Caterers, Florists and Transport

    Your venue may already be catered but if not now is the time to go food tasting! Whoop!

    When looking for your florists go with your colour scheme ready and where possible an idea of the types of flowers you are looking for. These guys are creative geniuses so trust their judgement and it should pay off

  • 6-8 Months Before

    Organise your Guests

    Let\’s face it, we all have some friends or family that leave everything to the last minute. Make sure that everyone is aware of local hotels and send them links to book. If your venue doesn\’t have rooms then book your own room at this point too.

  • 6 Months Before

    Give Notice of Marriage

    If you\’re having a church wedding then at this point you\’ll need to give notice of marriage or have your banns read. Also you\’re going to need to pay up at this point to the church

  • 6 Months Before

    Sort the Suits

    It\’s time to order those awesome suits, whether you\’re going for classic or modern there is plenty to chose from

  • 6 Months Before

    Create a Gift List

    If you\’re having a list then sort this now. There are many stores that make this easy, from Amazon to John Lewis, there\’s plenty to chose from

  • 3 Months Before

    Check your Passports

    If you\’re having a honeymoon then don\’t leave it till last minute, you don\’t want to spend the day in a passport office before you can fly away.

    You can \’pre-order\’ your passport for your new name, which will only be valid after your wedding date. You do this via the government website

  • 3-6 Months Before

    Order the Rings

    Get yourselves to the jewellers. But remember to shop around, especially online

  • 3 Months Before

    Sort Wedding Favours and Gifts

    Get the gifts for those that have helped out, something personalised works well. Check out Etsy is always a good bet.

    Order your favours at this point too.

  • 2-3 Months Before

    Dress Fitting, Caterers Menu and Post those Invites

    Time to get super organised now….not long left!

  • 2 Months Before

    Select your Music

    Speak with your DJ about the style of music you\’d like, chose your first dance and give your venue/church any songs that you\’d like to be played throughout the ceremony

  • 2 Months Before

    Finalise your Personal Touches

    Make sure you now have everything in place that makes your wedding yours. Signage, name cards, order of service, guest book and anything else you\’re looking to have personalised

  • 2 Months Before

    Confirm Numbers

    Make sure your caterer and venue know how many people are attending

  • Do the Dreaded Seating Plan

    Breathe in and….. breathe out

  • 1-2 Weeks Before

    Job Roles

    Make sure everyone knows their job roles! Who\’s taking the dress, who\’s staying where, who\’s helping out with all parts of the day… there\’s lots to think about

  • 1-2 Weeks Before

    Email Suppliers

    Send an email to all of your suppliers, simply to say that you\’re looking forward to their services. This will give you peace of mind when you get a reply of a similar nature.

  • Your Wedding Date!

    Get Married!!

    And so this wedding timeline comes to an end! The big day is finally here. Such a cliché but try and take it all in, those 16 hours fly by!!