Back in September myself, The Garden of Weedon, Candice Fuller, Lilybet’s and Kerrylou Tebbutt took over Wood Farm at Everdon.

Challenging my creativity

I can never just do nothing, I can’t do it, I have to be busy. If I’m not learning or trying something new then I don’t see much point (one of the biggest reasons I love weddings is the diversity). It sounds a bit like a humble brag but it’s not, sometimes it can be a set back and sometimes it can be completely the wrong thing to do. Sometimes though it can lead me down new avenues and arrive at somewhere I didn’t even consider. That’s how I got to build The Garden of Weedon’s (Nicky’s) new website. I love Nicky’s work and her client adore her work, so I got in touch and we chatted about what she needed and built the site from there. It was clear she needed new photography to go on her new site so we (mostly Nicky!) organised a shoot at Wood Farm and had a bloody awesome time. Go check out her the Style Guide on her new website, we’re pretty proud of our collaboration 🙂